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Tourism industry has undergone rapid growth for it’s unparalleled nature and unique wild life over the last several centuries. And the Middle East is not lagging behind. This has mainly been due to the start of a ‘borderless’ world and increased information dissemination about the majestic African and Middle East treasures throughout the world.  Mideastravel offers you the whole organized  traveling package but your style. With Mideastravel you can enjoy an organized but custom made trip: choose your accommodation, transporting, and restaurants along the way. You can even choose your own different points of interests. Rest assured we will find the dots of connection to the rest of the group:)  Because when you choose Mideastravel, the sky is the limit. Our work boost’s appeal as a tourism destination, improving its ranking in the eyes of international travelers that help to drag thousands of millions of customers. Digital is the heart of our marketing. Both internationally and domestically –By offering world-class services we have established ourselves as a pioneer in the tourism industry with organized – but custom made trips..


  • We always try to go beyond the expectations of our customers.
  • We are always customer-centric and provide the best value of our customers spending.
  • We care our customers by attending them whenever and wherever required fulfilling all their needs from arrival to departure.
  • We learn from our customer reviews and address complains through innovative techniques.
  • We never make any false commitment and don’t charge any hidden cost.
  • We will make your dreams come true during your organized – but custom made trip.


We are committed to dedicate the highest quality.


We customise your trip to suit your needs and budget


We offer personal, professional, friendly service


Makes planning and organising your holiday simple – you deal with one company and we’ll deal with the rest


We offer the service of well educated and professional independent tour guides


Arrange side-trips and additional activities to enhance your holiday experience


Once booked and confirmed we will guarantee the price you pay will not increase whatever the circumstances

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