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1. Why should I travel with Mideastravel?

We feel that Mideastravel is truly unique in the adventure travel market and the high percentage of clients who travel with us again and again isn’t down to chance. Wild Frontiers is a company that has been set up by travellers for travellers and the company ethos is to help adventurous souls get to incredible places that would otherwise remain inaccessible.  

2. What makes us different?

Using passionate and knowledgeable guides, as well as a dedicated and experienced office staff, we are able to provide unique and original itineraries that allow our clients to take a journey beneath the surface of the region, into those special and secret places.

3. Are you bonded?

Yes! We are a registered tour operator.

4. Do I need special travel insurance for your trips?

All clients are expected to have personal travel insurance adequate for the region they are travelling to. We can now provide you with our own bespoke policy that covers you for all our destinations and all our activities. Please contact us for more details.

5. I’m travelling on my own – will everyone else on your group tours be in couples?

Although we get a fair amount of couples, the majority of our clients are single travellers. If you would like to avoid single supplements, we are happy to pair you with a same sex room companion for the trip. If there is no one available of the same sex as you, we will arrange a single room for you at no extra cost.

6. On your group tours, what is the maximum group size?

On 99% of our trips the maximum group size is 12, with an average in 2010 of 8.9. We believe that although it might be less profitable, it is imperative for the kind of travel we offer that the group size is small. However on our chill out trips to Rajasthan we take a maximum of 25 people which makes the trip more fun. By taking really small groups we make less of an impact, can get more involved in the communities we visit and be more flexible with itineraries.

7. What do I need to bring with me?

Aside from a sense of adventure and an open mind?!?… Upon booking we will send you a fact file containing information about the region plus an equipment list, recommended clothing list and any items that might be hard to come by in your destination.

8. How far in advance do I need to book my trip?

There is no hard and fast guide, although some trips are popular and book up quickly. To ensure a place, you can simply pay a deposit at any time, and then pay the balance 8 weeks prior to departure. Also, be sure to allow yourself enough time to obtain visas and vaccinations where necessary.

9. I’m a fit and active senior citizen – am I too old to join a Mideastravel tour?

We believe that having an adventurous spirit and a love of travel is far more important then physical age, so we don’t impose age restrictions. In terms of fitness levels you certainly don’t need to be able to run the marathon but to get the most out of the experience you need a certain amount of get-up-and-go. Every trip is different, so to make life easy we have graded each trip in terms of activity, comfort and adventure.

10. My Government advises against travel to the place I want to go to. Am I right to be concerned about security?

All travel involves an element of risk and ultimately your appetite (or lack of) for risk remains a personal decision. For us at Wild Frontiers the safety and security of our clients, wherever they may be travelling, is of PARAMOUNT importance to us and from our experience of operating tours to some of the world’s more challenging destinations for over 15 years, we strongly believe that it is possible, with the right measures in place, to travel safely yet contrary to the advice of your government.

11. When will I receive my tour documents? What information will they include?

Your tour documents will be mailed approximately two weeks to ten days prior to the tour’s departure date. Included within your nylon document holder will be flight departure & return information, TSA information to reference when packing, luggage tags, the daily tour itinerary, hotel list which can be given to friends/family, name badges with lanyards and a confidential emergency contact form which will be collected by your Tour Director at the start of your vacation.

12. What is the travel protection plan?

A key piece that is often overlooked when making the decision to purchase travel insurance is if something happens to an immediate family member that prevents you from traveling. I work with guests that encounter the unexpected on a regular basis. Oftentimes these situations involve a medical issue or having to cancel or leave a tour because something happens to a family member. I often hear: “I’m in excellent health and didn’t buy the insurance, but had to cancel because of a family member.” Frequently these circumstances would be covered by travel insurance. Although it is optional, Holiday Vacations strongly recommends guests take advantage of our Travel Protection Plan. The plan offers accident and sickness coverage, baggage protection, trip interruption and cancellation insurance. Your vacation is an important investment. We encourage you to protect it.

13. Can I talk to my Tour Director before the trip departs?

Yes! You can expect a pre-tour phone call from your Tour Director approximately 2-3 days prior to departure. They take this opportunity to introduce themselves and address any last minute questions you may have about the tour. Their dedication to exceptional guest service is a true Holiday Advantage!

14. How much free time will I have on tour?

Each Holiday Vacations itinerary designates leisure time for our guests to independently explore, shop or sightsee. Your Tour Director will assist you in taking full advantage of your free time by offering suggestions for local attractions or by coordinating optional activities.

15. Was your question not answered?

For additional questions, time zone and weather information please call our number during normal business hours. A friendly representative is waiting to assist!
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